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Paranormal Courses and Classes

Coming Up: Ghosts and Other Strange Things: Paranormal Belief in America

Tuesdays, Oct. 5-26, 2021
7-9 pm Eastern Time

Who believes in the paranormal? What sorts of things do they believe? Why do they believe?

If any of these questions interest you or you would just like to know more about ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, psychics or a variety of other paranormal topics, my four-week course Ghosts and Other Strange Things: Paranormal Belief in America is for you. 

About the Instructor: Dr. Daniel Wise earned a PhD studying paranormal belief with a focus on ghost hunters at the University of Virginia. He also taught an undergraduate seminar on paranormal belief in America at UVA. He has nearly a decade of teaching experience at the college level. 

Course Goals: The point of this class is not to prove or disprove paranormal claims. Instead, this class seeks to understand paranormal belief from a religious studies, sociological, cultural studies, and historical point of view. This course will teach you to approach paranormal belief like a scholar. Be sure to come curious and ready to use your minds.

Format: Ghosts and Other Strange Things will be a four-session, online Zoom course based on lectures and discussion, with optional reading. We will meet synchronously once a week in the evening during the month of October.

The lecture and discussion will be recorded for students to access later if they cannot make it to the appointed class time.

The total fee for the course is $99, which is around the cost of in-state tuition for just one week of a college course. 

Included in the Course:

  • Four sessions of synchronous online lectures and discussion with Dr. Wise
  • Downloadable syllabus with reading list
  • Unlimited access to class recordings

Register Below

After paying, please email Daniel Wise at to confirm your email address.

Ghosts and Other Strange Things: Paranormal Belief in America
Tuesdays, Oct. 5-26, 7-9 pm ET


If you have any questions about the course or would like assistance registering, please email Daniel Wise at

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