Submit Your Ghost Story

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Do you believe you have encountered a ghost, demon, or other spirit? Do you consider yourself an American? Would you like to contribute your story to my research on American experiences with spirits? Please fill out the form below. If necessary, I may email you to clarify details in your story that I do not understand.

Your identity will remain confidential. If I publish your story, I will only use the first name you give or a pseudonym. I will not release any contact information I have for you, such as your email.

I have asked for certain demographic information from you to contribute to my research and improve the accuracy and specificity of my conclusions. I have not limited the choices for what answers you can give in order to allow you as much freedom as possible.

Feel free to type out your story ahead of time in a place where you can save your progress, then copy and paste it below.

By clicking the “Submit’ button below, you agree to allow me to use your story, including quoting it, in my research and writing.

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